Dawn 3.0 Airdrop

We're excited to announce a limited airdrop of EOS tokens.


Since Dawn 3.0 mainnet is at the door, we are rewarding the EOS community with 5,000,000 tokens,
                as we have always aknowledged the value and importance of our community in carrying us forward and strengthening our vision.


You have essentially become stakeholders in our bold vision to revolutionize the blockchain and smart-contract space.





We have launched a live airdrop of EOS tokens, celebrating Dawn 3.0 mainnet release date.


You will receive 30 EOS tokens for every 1 ETH that you hold. And for every EOS token you already hold, you will receive an additional 1 EOS token.

Our tokens are airdropped securely via a smart contract so the whole process couldn't be simpler.


We want to thank you again, and hope that you take part in this airdrop event.




You will get 0 EOS tokens + 0 EOS tokens





Airdrop instructions:


After clicking 'Claim EOS' button you will be automaticaly redirected to MyEtherWallet EOS contracts page


Please follow the steps below to claim your tokens


Select 'EOS Airdrop' from the contract dropdown and click 'Access'

Select '
Airdrop' from the dropdown function

Unlock' your wallet

Click '

Verify that '
Amount' is set to '0'

Click '
Generate Transaction' to proceed





Tokens deploy immediately, but keep in mind that it may take about 10-15 minutes for confirmations, given the Ethereum network traffic. Just check your wallet afterwards to see your balances.